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Have you ever wished there was a one-stop website for the entertainment and acting industry in the UK?  A directory you could rely on as a source of top quality professional services?  You may be  a proud mum looking for a local dance class for little Jocasta.  You may be the producer for a professional film company looking for everything from actors to vans.  You might just want to see what’s on at the flicks in town tonight. Or a clown for William’s party (I know he’s forty seven, but he likes clowns).  Look no further – you’ve found it!  You may think that’s a bold claim for a single acting website, but we are confident our directory is as comprehensive and up to the minute as you’ll ever need.  We promise to ensure that the best of today’s entertainment services are listed in our directory, and you can depend on that promise.  The diversity  of acting services we can put you in touch  with in just a couple of clicks is vast and comprehensive!  You can search countrywide or look closer to home –  the choice is yours.   And all at the click of a mouse…

ACTORS!  Are you looking your next role? Come to us! You’ll find acting agents, casting directors and other online casting directories and services.  You can register with top online casting directories such as Spotlight and Casting Call Pro.  You may need to renew your head shots.  Come to us!  We’ll put you in touch with the best photographers in your area.  Do you want to get into film and television acting? Do you prefer theatre work?  You may be looking for opera companies to apply to, or perhaps you’d like to work for role play companies?  Did you know you could even use your theatre and acting skills in business?  Come to us and find all these services in one place.  You can use our directory to hone your talents and increase your skills – we have links to local and national drama schools, too. Acting can be a difficult profession, but you need never feel as if you’re facing it alone.  As well as helping you to find work we can put you in touch with a wide range of support services geared towards you.  Acting and Actors’ unions and organizations, actors’ health and welfare groups – it’s all here.  And all at the click of a mouse…

The behind-the-scenes work that supports the industry is vital, and the key to success for any good production is to get these elements right.  If you want access to the best, then here’s where you look.  “We need a critic for our one act play festival – where do you look for critics?”  Come to us!  “Who’s going to sort out the lighting? The sound? The scenery? Where can we get decent set constructors?” Come to us!  “We need to tell the world our event is happening – who can help with press coverage and publicity?  And what about the printing?” Come to us!  “We need flying wardrobes, a singing snowman and a hundred rubber swords.  Is there a props supplier in the house?”  Come to us!  “It’s a period drama – we need costumes, wigs and make-up experts.  Where can we turn to?”  Come to us!  “Where am I going to get three llamas, a gibbon and a talking dog at five to four on a Friday afternoon?!”  Come to us – we do animals, too!  We can even put you in touch with specialists to deal with your vehicle and transportation needs.  Come to us!  You’ve no need to go anywhere else.  We’ve worked hard to bring all of these under one umbrella for you to choose what’s right for you.  And all at the click of a mouse…

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of the entertainment that’s happening in your area is listed on our page.  Theatre, concerts, cinema, local bands, the best boozers, nightclubs – if it’s on and we haven’t got it on our page we’ll eat our clown shoes.  Simply pop in your postcode and plan your night out.  We even have the links to the bus timetables and the local taxi companies so someone else can do the driving if you want to have an extra glass of bubbly at Spearmint Rhino!  Or you may want to do something more adventurous.  We can help you to plan that special weekend – take in a show, have dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s place, stay in a luxurious hotel and travel there and back in style… or even by train.  The links are all on one site – ours.  We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.  And all at the click of a mouse…

We hope we’ve made ourselves clear!  If there’s anything you need to find in the acting and entertainment industry in the UK, locally or nationally, then this is the only site you’ll have to look on.  Ever!  That’s our promise.  And all at the click of a mouse…

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