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Becoming a Dancer….

If you are serious about becoming a dancer the sense of achievement can be immense when working professionally. However being a dancer is incredibly tough both physically and mentally.
As a professional dancer you often have to travel a lot mostly with a professional dance company on tour. Quite often you will be unemployed between dance jobs and during this time you will still have to be at the top of your game remaining physically fit. Also you have to keep in mind dancers usually have relatively shots dance careers usually having to retire around the age of 35, or earlier if they obtain an injury.
Most professional dancers started out when they were young going to local ballet classes and youth theatres, however if you want to become a professional it is highly advised to do a higher level of dance training, in a dance school. 
Good dance schools will equip you with the right skills in order to compete at a professional level. What ever style of dance you are interested in make sure you keep a palette of them and become good at least two or three styles and ranges such as Jazz, contemporary dance and ballet.

To become a good dancer raw talent is essential, however to become a successful dancer one must stay fit and healthy, and have a good strong, well proportioned body. 
Different styles of dance require different physiques, for example a female ballet dancer, usually, has to be petite. Choose a style of dance that complements your body structure and use it to your advantage.
To become a professional in the industry like an actor you have to be registered with equity, a union for professionals within the entertainment profession. 
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