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Enough dreaming - It's time to be a star! A sure fire way to break into Modelling is to become an Actor and vice versa. Acting and Modelling go hand in hand if you're good looking, successful and confident. Explode on the Modelling scene and use your face to get you even more noticed. Jonny Depp, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom - they've all done it and it's only enhanced their fame and increased their fortune.  Models such as Mila Jovovich, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and recently have all turned from catwalk to boardwalk so it's a symbiotic progression. 

To be a Model means to act - think about the whole walk down the catwalk. A Model has to create a persona, an image. Any good model needs to Act - Acting sells clothes, famous faces and it sells brands. With agents queuing up to turn their Actors and Actresses into perfume stars, aftershave models it's a natural progression to turn your acting skills into another direction. It's an easy job with great financial rewards.

To have another string to an actor's bow is to secure a future, to fill in the time between jobs but most importantly to earn cash from your looks. Modelling can be hard work but you're so used to that. Waiting around between sets, between takes - Modelling is just the same but lasts only a day most of the time, not weeks like a film or a television project.

Acting and Modelling - entertain by playing a role - a role you know you can already do

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